Zorba - Leather Novelties and Nightlife Clothing Manufacturer & Exporter

Zorba was founded by three brothers, Subhash, Sudhir & Sanjay Gupta. Since the year 2000 they have strived to campaign for an improved acceptance of BDSM products. Executing this ambitious task, pooling their knowledge and combining their experience in Design, Manufacturing and Exporting,today Zorba produces top quality Leather products.

The promoters are involved integrally in the business and available to answer any inquiries regarding manufacturing, custom designing, pricing and timelines. Our each and every product is lovingly and carefully made by 50 of the best and experienced craftsmen and women who for many yearshave beeninvolved in the traditional art of leather.

A Quality Brand = A Trusted Brand

Our vision

  • We strive to occupy a high position in the area of manufacturing of worlds fastest selling Brands.
  • We aim to meet the needs distributors and their designs with branding.
  • We want to give our business partners a wide selection of leather, Latex rubber, Medical grade Silicone, Vinyl and Bio thane styles with attractive designs.

Our Mission

  • We make sure that the company is constantly developing custom designs and securing them.
  • One of our goals is to establish cooperation distributors and wholesalers of the world.
  • We will make custom packaging with printed material ensures full solution for last Point of Purchase.

Our values

  • Good quality Leather mainly of Calf, Lamb, Goat and Buffalo.
  • Smaller quantity Execution.
  • Open to all suggestions and improvement.
  • Sample development with No Cost
  • High on Relationship and Always on Task
  • Help you to sell